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  • December 28, 2020

Treat Yourself to a New Year’s Gift

Discover Your Style

The first step is to determine your personal style and then select a piece that fits in. It’s important to take the time to do this because you’ll want your jewelry to look great with what you wear, whether it’s something you plan to use daily or just on special occasions. You will be happy in the long run knowing that your jewelry was selected with your style – conservative, casual, flirty, or sporty – and lifestyle in mind.

Basic or Statement Jewelry?

Are you looking for a basic, minimal piece to wear everyday, or a statement piece that stops them in their tracks? In terms of basics, diamond studs, a simple gold chain with a bezel set diamond, or freshwater pearls are all great choices that can fit in almost any budget. The classic shine of a diamond or pearl can go with any outfit, from a power suit and heels to jeans and leather jacket. If you feel like your jewelry basics are accounted for, consider purchasing a “wow ‘em” statement piece. Colored diamonds and gemstones can be really spectacular when used to create custom earrings, a pendant necklace, or stacked rings.

Stick to Your Budget

When investing in a piece of fine jewelry, you want to stay within your budget. If you have a specific piece in mind that is out of your price range, consider setting aside a small amount each month until you have enough for that coveted piece. If you receive a bonus or raise at work, reward yourself for a job well done and invest in a piece that you will cherish every time you wear it.

Now that you’ve dialed in your style, determined what kind of piece you want, and established your budget, take the plunge and treat yourself to something gorgeous – you deserve it! Whether it’s sparkly diamond studs, a gemstone pendant necklace, or a stunning tennis bracelet, there’s definitely a piece that fits your wardrobe, style, and budget perfectly.

Keep in mind that you are making an investment, so be sure to have your new piece cleaned and inspected regularly and ask your jeweler about insurance so you can protect your piece for years to come. Gary J. Long Jewelers can help you find or build the perfect piece, keep it clean and intact, and protect it from damage or loss. Don’t wait for someone to guess what you want - treat yourself to a dazzling, fabulous piece of jewelry all on your own!