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February 06, 2019

Your Guide to Engagement Ring Styles and Settings

When it comes selecting the perfect engagement ring, the most important decisions involve the diamond and the setting. Just as significant as the center stone, the setting impacts the overall style of the ring. Below is your guide to the most popular engagement ring styles and settings, outlined for their distinctive features.

The most classic diamond engagement ring setting is the solitaire setting. Featuring a single diamond, solitaire settings are elegant and highlight the beauty of the stone. Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular shape for this setting, expertly cut for maximum sparkle and depth. Princess cut and cushion cut diamonds are also beautiful in solitaire settings.

Halo engagement rings highlight the center stone surrounded by a halo of accent diamonds. With plenty of sparkle, halo designs often feature a round or cushion shaped center diamond. This setting enhances the appearance of the center stone, making the diamond appear larger, and securely holds and protects the stone.

Three-stone engagement rings feature a center diamond flanked by two larger side-stones. With plenty of sparkle to catch the eye, the center stone is accented by two diamonds or two colored gemstones—velvety sapphires, sparkling rubies, and rich emeralds are especially prized. Symbolic of the couple’s past, present, and future, three-stone rings often mark milestone anniversaries and celebrations.

Channel setting engagement rings showcase a sparkling row of diamonds along the band, held firmly in place between two bands of precious metal. The prong-free setting offers a clean and sophisticated look, and is also popular for wedding bands and stacking rings. The added diamonds create a more impressive design than a solid band, and the snag-free, secure design is a great choice for an active lifestyle.

Modern and sleek bezel settings feature a diamond encircled by precious metal, creating a halo effect around the stone. A full bezel completely surrounds the center diamond, while a half bezel partially surrounds the stone, leaving the sides open while securely holding the stone in place. With a snag-free design and easy maintenance, bezel settings are also ideal for active lifestyles.

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