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  • April 27, 2022

Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Every Woman

Jewelry is a wonderful way to accessorize any outfit. Here are some must-have pieces every woman would love to have in her jewelry box.

Diamond Stud Earrings

A pair of stud earrings are the ultimate go-to staple for any woman. They are a classic to wear anytime – at home, in the office, at the gym, on vacation, at a formal event or a casual dinner. Giving your special lady a pair of diamond stud earrings will give her something to wear for any occasion.

Chain Necklaces

A gold rope or chain necklace is a classic go-to for every woman. It adds a simple, yet elegant, touch of ‘something’ to whatever she wears. The simple gold necklace can be worn by itself or combined with others of varying lengths to be casual or formal. She can wear it for dressing up for a night out or for a summer day barbeque or beach party.

There are actually several different types of chain necklaces – such as box, rope, bead, cable, snake, Italian Figaro, and others – and they vary in length and thickness, so you have options when it comes to selecting the perfect one for the woman in your life.

Pendants and Charms

There is a difference between pendants and charms: pendants are generally larger than charms and are intended to hang directly from a chain necklace while charms are generally smaller and lighter and are attached to bracelets via a charm holder – think of them as bracelet ornaments.

Both pendants and charms enable the woman to show some personality in that there is usually a special meaning behind the pendant or charm. For instance, a mom may have a charm bracelet and the charms will typically have some meaning to her about her children.

Charms and pendants can be birthstones and make for a memorable Mother’s Day gift or birthday gift for a mom.

Charms can be attached to a necklace, but due to a pendant’s size, the same isn’t true in reverse – pendants don’t generally work well on a bracelet.

Does your special lady have an interest or a hobby? A love for particular stone? A pendant designed with her birthstone is a wonderful gift idea!

Combining a pendant with a chain will give you special lady two must-have pieces of jewelry at one time!


Bracelets always make an impression! They can range in size from wide solid cuff to thin and dainty. A lady can wear multiple bracelets at a time to showcase her personality and fun side.

We just talked about charms; charm bracelets make memorable gifts, as the charms added to the bracelets will be as unique and individual as the women who are wearing them.

With so many options for styles and colors, being crafted from gold, sterling silver, or enamel, bracelets offer an extra bit of pizzazz and color to any outfit.


A pearl bracelet or necklace are essential pieces for a woman’s jewelry collection. Pearls have a history that dates back to Ancient Greece and remain a symbol of elegance and grace, today.

A beautiful strand of pearls will never go out of style and pearls are affordable and abundant. Your biggest challenge when selecting the right piece for your special someone will be the variety of options, including several colors of pearls to choose from.

We Can Help You Select the Right Piece of Jewelry

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We are open 10AM-5:30PM Monday through Saturday. We look forward to helping you select a beautiful piece for your special someone – or yourself!