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Push Presents for New Mothers


Thoughtful Gift Ideas

The miracle of childbirth is amazing and many believe that a mother’s hard work and the pain endured should be recognized with a gift. A push present is typically given by the new mother’s significant other and is most often a piece of jewelry. Depending on budget, lifestyle, and taste preferences, Gary J. Long Jewelers has numerous pieces and styles to choose from, including custom-made pieces.

Birthstone jewelry makes an ideal push present as it commemorates the birth month of the new child. Birthstone jewelry is also highly customizable and is available in an array of options such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Gifting birthstone jewelry also starts a thoughtful tradition for your family with future children, as you can gift stacking rings to honor and recognize each child. Like a birthstone, an initial necklace or bracelet adds a personal touch to a gift that represents the newest addition to your family.

A push present doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the birth or birth month directly. A classic pair of beautiful diamond earrings or a new necklace are versatile options that she can enjoy and wear everyday. A diamond eternity band is also a timeless choice that signifies the next important step in your relationship as you build a family. Just make sure to select a band that complements her existing engagement and wedding rings.

Push Present Etiquette

When giving a push present, one important factor to consider is timing. Many prefer to give the gift soon, within days of returning home from the hospital. It should be done privately, without others around, as it is sure to be a memorable moment for you both. The birth of a baby is also the birth of a mother, and a push present can be a thoughtful way to acknowledge and recognize all that they are experiencing.

One of the best ways to acknowledge all of the hard work a mother goes through is to gift her with a beautiful piece of jewelry. The right piece serves as a symbol of love and appreciation that new mothers can cherish forever. From custom-made birthstone or initial pieces to classic, elaborate pieces like diamond stud earrings or a pendant necklace, Gary J. Long Jewelers is here to help you create and select your perfect gift. Give her some sparkle to go with that new mom glow!

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