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  • October 29, 2020

Delicate Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed everyday. Some jewelry, like costume and fun jewelry, requires little care - just put on and go. Delicate and fine jewelry however, requires care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. From proper storage to gentle cleansing, taking good care of your jewelry can help you get the most of your collection.

How Can Delicate Jewelry be Damaged?

No matter what materials are involved, jewelry is delicate. You should always remove your jewelry when working with your hands or engaging in activities that involve chemicals or abrasives. Take off your jewelry when cleaning, gardening, swimming or playing sports, and moving heavy objects. Although it can be tempting to put your jewelry on as you get dressed, it’s better to wait until you are completely ready before donning your jewels. The chemicals from make-up, hair products, lotions, and perfumes can damage your pieces. Think of jewelry as the finishing touch for your look.

How to Maintain your Delicate Jewelry

Before you try to clean any of your pieces, it’s important to know what materials are used to construct your jewels, as different materials require different cleaning procedures. Examine your jewelry for information, often found as a stamp on the back or inside a piece of metal. Make a note of the gems, stones, and other materials used when purchasing new pieces, so you will know what to do when cleaning your pieces. After proper cleansing, dry pieces with a chamois or soft cloth and allow adequate time for it to dry so that no moisture remains to damage your collection. No matter how careful you are when wearing your jewelry, it can sustain damage during storage. Always store pieces individually, preferably in the boxes or soft pouches that they came in.

Although cleaning and minor repairs are things that can be accomplished at home, regular inspection and repairs should be left to professional jewelers. Gary J. Long Jewelers provides customers with free cleanings and inspections to check for any damage. Caring for your jewelry is an important part of maintaining its value and beauty for years to come. Whether delicate, fine jewelry or fashion jewelry, every piece benefits from knowing how to properly care for and store it. Use your judgement, take your time, and you’ll keep your jewelry wardrobe looking as good as new.