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  • October 05, 2020

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Semi-Precious Stones

Jewelry is one of our most cherished accessories. It’s sentimental, captivating, and can elevate any outfit. Unfortunately, even the most durable of jewelry can become dull or damaged if neglected or handled carelessly. Simple precautions and regular maintenance can preserve shine and keep semi-precious stones in place.

How Can Semi-Precious Stones Be Damaged?

Household chemicals such as cleansers, cosmetics, hairspray, and perfumes can damage the structure of gemstones, causing dullness and eventually change the color. Chlorine can damage the metal setting, causing your gemstone to fall out. Heavy impact can also damage jewelry - a hard blow at the edge or point of a stone can chip or shatter it. Always remove your jewelry prior to activities like gardening, household cleaning, washing the dishes, or working out. Sunlight and heat can wreak havoc on gems, resulting in haziness, color change, or cracking.

How to Maintain Your Semi-Precious Stones

Consistent, regular cleaning prevents the buildup of harmful chemicals and keeps stones clear of elements that could potentially cloud or scratch them. Be careful not to scrub jewels. Instead, cleanse your semi-precious stones using warm water, a drop of soft detergent, and a gentle brush. Rinse thoroughly and wipe with a soft cloth and allow to dry completely. Commercial jewelry cleaners are generally safe, but always make sure they are safe to use on your particular gemstone.

The worst thing you can do for your semi-precious stones is to toss them into a drawer or into a dish on your dresser. For proper storage, individually wrap each piece of jewelry in a soft cloth or, better yet, return it to its original padded bag or box. Remember to store your gemstones away from direct sunlight or heat to avoid fading.

Once every year or two, depending on the frequency of wear, take your gemstones to a jeweler for a thorough inspection and cleaning. Gary J. Long Jewelers provides customers with free cleanings and inspections to check for any damage to the piece.

Jewelry is bought to be worn and enjoyed! With attention and care, you’ll ensure your jewelry lives its best life for decades to come.