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January 27, 2022

The Everlasting Partnership of Jewelry and Love

February is the month of romance, so it’s a perfect time to talk about relationships, particularly the one between jewelry and love.

Romantic love has been a prevalent theme for thousands of years. It’s been said that adorning loved ones with jewelry enhances the beauty of the wearer – inside and out.

Why is jewelry a wonderful way to show your love?

Please don’t assume that the most romantic piece of jewelry must cost a lot. When you give your loved one a unique piece of jewelry, its meaning goes deeper than your timeless, everlasting love.

Sentimental value can matter more to your significant other than a price tag. When they wear the ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant, or earrings you have given them, they are showing it to the world. And their happiness shows through their smile whenever the piece is noticed, and they are complimented on it.

Selecting a piece of jewelry for a loved one is a romantic gesture in itself. The romance level increases if the piece contains a meaningful design element such as:

  • A heart or floral motif
  • An engraved message
  • A birthstone
  • A symbolic image, like interlaced fingers or a lock and key

Custom jewelry sends a message that lasts forever

Want to make the ultimate expression of your love? Have a piece of jewelry custom designed. Choose the stone(s) and the precious metal for the piece. You can even work with our jewelers on the design so it’s truly one of a kind.

Does your significant other have children? A gold band or a pendant made with the birthstone for each child makes a wonderful gift that will be cherished.

The longevity of a piece can be meaningful for future generations. A ring, bracelet, or necklace, for instance, can be passed down to family members over the years. It can mean a lot when a granddaughter inherits her great-grandmother’s wedding ring, for example. Talk about long-lasting love!

Choose gemstones with meaning

No other gemstone conveys human emotion more powerfully than a diamond. Natural diamonds are timeless, rare, and earth grown. Read about how [a diamond is a symbol of commitment, love, and romance].

Natural diamonds are the go-to for engagement rings, and we have a vast selection of loose stones – from ½ a carat to 3 carats, in numerous cuts – to choose from. We can help you make the best selection.

Even though diamonds are popular, there are numerous types, colors, and cuts of gemstones available. February’s birthstone is the purple amethyst (pictured). Perhaps you’re looking for a green stone (peridot, emerald), or maybe a shade of blue (aquamarine, sapphire). It could be a red ruby or garnet stone is what your loved one will cherish the most. There are many options!

Jewelry and love are eternal partners. So when you want your special someone to know your love is deep and everlasting, let us help you choose the most-perfect-for-her piece set with the best sparkling gemstone to say that for you today, and for years to come.