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  • March 09, 2018

Birthstone Jewelry: Color, Significance, and Styles

There’s nothing more special than wearing a gemstone unique to your birth month. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for that special someone, or simply want to expand your own collection with a gorgeous birthstone jewelry style, discover your birthstone color and meaning in our guide.

Garnet - The deep red gemstones represent loyalty and devotion. While red gems are the most common, garnets are available in a rainbow of hues, including dark red, pinkish orange, purple, and green. Sparkling with color, garnet jewelry styles include earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.

Amethyst - Brilliant purple amethyst symbolizes royalty, peace, and tranquility, and is one of the most popular gemstones. Shades range from deep royal purple to light lilac, and it is said that St. Valentine, the patron saint of romantic love, wore an amethyst ring carved with the image of Cupid. The gemstone is beautiful in any setting, including white gold with diamond accents.

Aquamarine - Gorgeous aquamarine captures the hues of the ocean, with shades ranging from light blue to blue-green and dark blue stones. Symbolic of youth and hope, aquamarine is especially beautiful set in white gold with diamonds. Highly transparent with plenty of sparkle, the gem shines in solitaire rings and pendants.

Diamond - Prized as the ultimate symbol of eternal love and commitment, sparkling diamonds set in white, yellow, and rose gold make an unforgettable gift. As the birthstone for April, diamonds are also the traditional gem to celebrate the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. With incredible beauty and brilliance, diamonds are the most prized gemstone of all.

Emerald - Ranging in hue from medium to dark green, emeralds represent growth, renewal, and eternal love. With famous emerald admirers including Cleopatra and Elizabeth Taylor, emeralds paired with diamonds remain a classic. Timeless jewelry styles include emerald pendants, solitaire rings, and emerald and diamond earrings.

Pearl - Elegant and timeless, pearls are a natural wonder with a unique luster. Symbolic of purity and wisdom, pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all make a beautiful choice for gifts. Natural pearls are extremely rare and prized, with shades ranging from white or cream to silver and pink. Cultured pearls are more common, with colors ranging from pale cream and white to rose, lilac, gold, and black.

Alexandrite - Alexandrite gemstones change depending on the light. In daylight, the gem appears a beautiful bluish green. Under incandescent light, the color shifts to a deep purplish red. The more vibrant the colors and the more dramatic the change in color, the more valuable the stone. First discovered in emerald mines in Imperial Russia, the rare and valuable gemstone is believed to inspire imagination and creativity, and shimmers in pendants and rings.

Ruby - Symbolizing love, passion, and desire, ruby is the perfect gift for someone you love. While ruby can range in color, the finest and most prized gems are vibrant red, with an intense color that glows in the sunlight. With a rich history as a prized gem, a vibrant ruby and diamond ring, pendant, or bracelet makes an unforgettable gift.

Peridot - The gorgeous bright-green peridot symbolizes peace and inner calm. With a striking yellow-green color, the highest quality gems feature intense color and incredible clarity—bright lime green and olive green shades are the most prized of the gems. The vibrant peridot is especially beautiful in diamond pendants and rings.

Sapphire - Sapphires are stunning violet-blue gems, beautiful in platinum or white gold and diamond settings. Considered the most precious and valuable of all blue gemstones, sapphires symbolize honesty, loyalty, and purity. With impressive clarity and vivid color, sapphires are often used in engagement ring designs (famous sapphire rings belonged to the late Princess Diana and actress and model Elizabeth Hurley).

Opal - Featuring a unique range of colors, opals are one-of-a-kind gemstones. Symbolic of hope, purity, and faithfulness, opals refract light to shine from within. Some opals are peaceful and calming with flashes of blue and green hues; others are fiery with bright reds and yellows. Classic opal pendant and ring designs make a treasured jewelry style for her.

Pink Tourmaline - With colors ranging from light pastel pink to a deep vibrant pink, rose gold and white gold pink tourmaline jewelry makes an especially stunning style to celebrate October birthdays.

Topaz - Precious topaz comes in a rainbow of colors, including yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. Imperial topaz is typically orange-red, and is one of the most sought-after and highly prized colors, with a rich history dating back to the Russian royal family in the 19th century. The multicolored gemstones make a striking choice for rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Blue Zircon - Radiant blue zircon is a universally flattering gemstone known for its brilliance and fire. Especially beautiful when paired with sparkling diamonds, the finest stones are a rich and vivid blue. A favorite gemstone in Victorian times, the fine gems were often used in estate jewelry. Today, the gem is considered to increase confidence and compassion, and is often cut in the brilliant style to highlight its luster.