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November 25, 2022 | fashion, gifts

5 Reasons Why Jewelry Should Be on Your Holiday Gift List

The holiday season is here! If you’re struggling with the right gift to get for that special someone in your life – wife, partner, husband, friend, teenager, neighbor, etc. – consider a piece of jewelry!

Jewelry is a versatile gift that is appropriate for just about any occasion and for anyone. Every piece of jewelry is as unique as your reason for selecting the right piece for that special person.

There are endless choices in types of gemstones and metals, in the types of pieces – rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, watches, chains, and more – as well various price points.

Read on for our top five reasons why jewelry should be on your holiday gift list this year.

1. Jewelry symbolizes love

When you give a piece of jewelry to someone, you are showing them how much you care about them and how much they mean to you. Selecting a piece of jewelry takes thought and when you love someone, jewelry can be a gift that keeps on giving.

Love that lasts a lifetime can be reflected with an engagement ring, such as a natural diamond solitaire.

You can say “I love you” with a beautiful red gemstone, such as a ruby, or a heart-shaped pendant.

Jewelry is a genuine way to express your “forever” feelings without needing to say a word.

2. Jewelry is a great way to create a tradition

Have you already given a piece of jewelry to a loved one? You can build onto that by finding a complementary piece and make jewelry an annual holiday gift giving tradition.

Did you purchase earrings last year for a friend? Can consider a bracelet or a pendant this year. Did your granddaughter enjoy her bracelet? How about a necklace this year? That diamond ring that you proposed with last year will simply sparkle with a matching set of earrings!

Perhaps your special someone enjoys a particular jewelry designer, such as Spark Creations, purchasing a new piece each year from that designer will show your love year after year!

Another consideration can be if you’ve purchased a natural diamond piece from us in the past, you can use that full purchase price as a credit to trade up to a newer piece!

This can also be the first year of a new tradition. If there is a young girl on your gift list, a charm bracelet makes a wonderful start – and each year you can find a unique charm to be added. Or consider the Add-A-Pearl necklace for a girl of any age!

Get a glimpse into our best selection of fine jewelry lines, including Christopher Designs, our own Gary J. Long Signature Line, Hearts on Fire, and Spark Creations, and then stop in to see the collections in person!

We’re happy to help you narrow in on the right option for your particular gift idea.

3. Jewelry creates a lasting impression

We’ve mentioned that jewelry can be a way to express your forever love.

A personal piece helps to make nice memories from the specialness of the day it is received, the intent behind the gift, or the personal meaning from the gesture. So many memories can be created from a simple piece given from the heart.

Because jewelry can be appropriate for people of any age, a gift given to a child can be held onto well into adulthood and the meaning never forgotten. Jewelry will last longer than a toy or a gift card, for instance.

The person receiving jewelry will always remember when they received it, who gave it to them, and where they were when they opened the box. There is always more to a piece of jewelry than what it is made of. Certain pieces may be so special and memorable to the recipient that he or she passes them down from one generation to another. It’s a great way to build family history and stories.

Jewelry can be worn any time, and each time the recipient puts it on, they will think of you!

4. Jewelry is customizable

Jewelry can reflect the person’s uniqueness and personality. A piece with a gemstone in the person’s favorite color can make a great impression.

There are many gemstone colors, and each has a different meaning. Selecting a piece with just the right meaning behind it is another way to make your gift stand out from others.

Custom jewelry pieces need time to be designed and produced, but customization can also refer to selecting a charm or two for a particular bracelet, new pearls for an Add-a-Pearl necklace, selecting a chain to go with a pendant, or a pendant to go with a chain.

Personalizing a piece can be selecting a piece of jewelry that features the person’s birthstone. You can have a special date or personal message engraved on a ring. You can choose beautiful pieces that will complement your loved one’s skin tone, too.

5. Jewelry makes people happy

You’ve heard the phrase ‘good things come in small packages.’ Giving the gift of jewelry will always give the recipient a smile.

Even though we’ve been talking about giving jewelry as a gift, perhaps you deserve a reward, too this holiday season. Rewarding yourself for accomplishing a goal, for gaining a promotion, for getting that new job, for starting your own business, or maybe for hitting the button on retirement! There’s no wrong time to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry to help you remember a particular moment or time in your life.

Jewelry is universal and everyone enjoys receiving it. So, whether you’re looking to make an impression on someone you want to get to know better, show a loved one how much you care, or simply treat yourself, Gary J. Long Jewelers is your best jewelry source in Stockton and the Central Valley. Stop in soon and let us help you choose the perfect piece of sparkle for the people on your holiday gift list!