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Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone

June birthdays have three stones to choose from - the ever-classic pearl, the stunning alexandrite or the magical moonstone.

The only gem created by living creatures, pearls represent beauty, happiness, love, and wealth. Ranging from bright white, to pink, to grey, pearls have a beautiful satin sheen that is the perfect present for the 3rd and 30th anniversary.

Changing colors from green in the daylight and bluish-red in artificial light, alexandrite represents balance, self-esteem, and is a good omen. It is also a beautiful gift for the 55th anniversary.

Moonstone is a true embodiment of ethereal beauty. Its milky sheen and captivating glow make it a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts. With its connection to the moon and its calming energy, this gemstone has been cherished throughout history.